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Crime, Violence and the Modern State
University of Rethymnon
March 9th - 11th, 2007

Plenary Speakers

Joanna Bourke, Birkbeck College

Clive Emsley, The Open University

This conference explored comparative, historical and transnational perspectives on crime and violence and aimed to map differences, interconnections and movements through space and time. It established a forum for discussion and exchange between researchers working with a variety of methodological, disciplinary and academic approaches to the historical study of crime and violence, and drawing on different traditions and backgrounds. The differentiated social, cultural or political meanings of violent or criminal acts, questions of gender, race and social exclusion, the ways in which particular kinds of violence are legitimised, social and penal definitions of deviance, moral panics and other aspects of representation will be considered. The conference discussed the relationships between criminal justice and penal systems, and the management of crime and violence by the state, particularly juxtaposed to social imaginaries of nation, modernity, or imperialism, paying particular attention to comparative national or regional dimensions, and the extent to which the actions of the modern state may clash with traditional cultural perceptions of deviance and violence in different communities.

Organising Committee

Efi Avdela, Department of History and Archaeology - University of Crete
Shani D'Cruze, Keele University and SOLON Partnership
Evi Karouzou, Academy of Athens
Judith Rowbotham, Nottingham Trent University and SOLON Partnership

For further information: crimcreteconf@googlemail.com


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  For further information: crimcreteconf@googlemail.com
  Conference Sponsors British Council, Cervantes Institute, Costopoulos Foundation, Gender & History Journal, Nianias Foundation, University of Crete: Department of History and Archaeology and the Postgraduate Programme, 'Contemporary European and Greek History,' York University Toronto.
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