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A University of Crete/SOLON Partnership Conference


Participants and Abstracts


Travel and Location Information

Speakers' Guidelines


Crime, Violence and the Modern State
University of Rethymnon
March 9th - 11th, 2007

Conference Papers

Papers available for download by conference participants are at the alphabetical list of links below.

These links are password-protected. Participants should contact the conference organisers if they have not received the password by email.

Please note: these papers are drafts and are not to be quoted or cited without the direct written permission of the author.


About Astrinaki Avdela Bailkin
Bourke Becker Berger Bourgon
D'Cruze/Godfrey/Cox Devereaux Emsley Gekas/Karagiannopoulous
Friedland Gallant Gaveau Jackson
Karouzou Kolsky


Martinetti Mousadakou Papailias Pierce
Rao Rajagopal Salvatore Sharpe
Shpayer-Makov Tzoukas/Spyros Stamatopoulos Tsakiri
Tsantiropoulos Vidali Wiener Wood




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  Conference Sponsors British Council, Cervantes Institute, Costopoulos Foundation, Gender & History Journal, Nianias Foundation, University of Crete: Department of History and Archaeology and the Postgraduate Programme, 'Contemporary European and Greek History,' York University Toronto.
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